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General Assembly

2020 Combined Shareholders’ Meeting

COFACE’s 2020 Combined Shareholders' Meeting will take place the 14th  May 2020 at 09.00 am (CET) without shareholders.
In the context of the covid-19 epidemic, and in accordance with the measures adopted by the French Government to curb the circulation of the virus, in particular the Ordonnance No. 2020-321 of March 25, 2020, the 2020 General Meeting will be held without shareholders.
The Combined Shareholders' Meeting will take place by conference call. The number will be:
  • Tel : +33 1 70 71 01 59
  • Code : 15651077#
The presentation will be available on 14 May at 8h45 in the section “convocation” below.
Under these conditions, shareholders are strongly encouraged to vote or give proxy in advance of the Meeting (online, by post or by giving a proxy to the Chairman of the meeting general) and to read carefully the information contained in the notice of meeting.
Shareholders will be unable to obtain admittance cards.
Remote voting will only be taken into account if it reaches at least three (3) days before the date of Shareholders’ Meetings, that is May 11, 2020, Caceis Corporate Trust (Caceis Corporate Trust - Operations Department - Shareholders’ Meetings - 14 rue Rouget de Lisle - 92130 Issy -Les- Moulineaux) or be carried out using the internet platform indicated in the notice of meeting.
Written questions may be submitted to the Company in advance of the Meeting (until the day before at 10:00 a.m) via the dedicated email address: and attaching evidence of their shareholding.


Shareholders of the Company will be invited to attend the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meeting, date and location to be communicated on this site.
According to law and within the legally-defined deadlines, all documents that must be disclosed to the General Meeting will be made available:
  • at the registered office of COFACE SA: 1 Place Costes and Bellonte, 92270 Colombes, France;
  • on the website of the company under "Investor / General Assembly" (here); or,
  • on request from CACEIS Corporate Trust, to the attention of "Service General Meetings Centralised": 14, rue Rouget de Lisle, 92862 Issy - Les Moulineaux Cedex 9

Questions & Answers

What are the different forms of General Shareholders’ Meetings?

The shareholders make their decisions at the General Shareholders’ Meetings which are qualified as ordinary or extraordinary.


The Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting is called upon to make all decisions which do not modify the capital or by-laws. Notably, it appoints, replaces, re-elects or revokes directors, approves, denies or corrects the financial statements, and rules on the distribution and allocation of benefits.


The Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting deliberates on all proposals of the Board of Directors aimed at modifying the capital or amending the company’s by-laws.


The Combined General Meeting puts together the previous two shareholders’ meetings (ordinary and extraordinary), on the same date and under the same convening notice.

What are the different ways of holding COFACE shares?

COFACE shares can be held as registered (forme nominative) or bearer shares (au porteur) at the option of the holder. Any shareholder may, at its expense, change from one form of holding to the other.


Any shareholder may elect to have its shares held in registered form and registered in its name in an account currently maintained by CACEIS Corporate Trust (14, rue Rouget de Lisle, 92862 Issy les Moulineaux Cedex 9 France) for and on behalf of the Company.


Any shareholder may elect to have its shares held in bearer form and recorded in its name in an account maintained by an accredited financial intermediary, such as a French broker, bank or other authorized financial institution.

Who can attend or vote in the General Meeting?

Any shareholder, regardless of the number of shares they hold, may attend this General Meeting in person, vote by post or designate a proxy to vote on their behalf.




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